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20 Years In The Blink of an Eye

When you have kids people always tell you that they grow up  quickly.  Smart parents know that you need to enjoy every moment – to be in the moment – because you miss a lot if you are always worried about the future or the past.  The same has been true for Platoon Fitness.  We still consider ourselves to be learning and growing.  I don’t know if that will ever stop.  We started as an outdoor bootcamp, one of the first of its kind.  Way back in the 90’s, bootcamp was not yet a concept: we just thought of it as an outdoor workout. At the time, personal training was what we did only to fill the gaps in our primary bootcamp schedule.  When we worked with corporations, it was to do a class here and there, either a fitness class or a seminar of some type.  Today personal training is 80% of our business and 10% is corporate wellness.  We just followed the needs of our members.  It seems amazing that June is our 20th annaversary, we feel grateful and lucky.  Hopefully our members do too!