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Platoon Gear

We just recieved a fresh supply of Platoon merchandise and some of it will be available for sale.  Every once in while we get a small batch of tee shirts, sweatshirts and other gear.  What makes this unique is the design, materials, presentation of Platoon is never the same way twice.  It’s been three years since our last large order, which sold out in ten days, so if you want to get some authentic, one of a kind Platoon Gear, let us know at Order Online

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Weight loss made simple

We advise our members to forget dieting and find a way of eating they can maintain the rest of their lives. Remember it is ok to have the things you enjoy and not worry about restriction so much. You have control over your cravings when the foods you love are eaten in modeeration and not during a binge. Here are a few tips to get started: *Eat real food. Stay away from processed foods. *Don’t avoid carbohydrates. Just watch how much of them you eat. *Low carb (not no carb) *High Fat promotes weight loss *Eat healthy lean meats *Eat lots of fruits and vegetables *Avoid alcohol *Watch how much sugar you consume Based on our 20 years of helping people lose weight, the research articles available, and the countless seminars we hold, we have developed a repertoire for many training techniques. When training for weight loss, we do two things: life heavy and do anaerobic conditioning. These two things can be done in one training session, which is good for someone looking to lose weight. Are these the only two things that can be paired together to lose weight? No, there are countless methods to training that when paired…

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In the Defense of Bootcamps

I hear a lot of fitness professionals taking their turns bashing Bootcamps and I just wanted to stand up in the defense of the shunned Bootcamps out there. As everyone knows, it doesn’t matter where you go to get a good workout, it is all about the Instruction. Bootcamps are by no means the end all be all, in fact, they should be the beginning of your fitness journey. You have to start somewhere, and not many people can afford the luxury of hiring a personal trainer. Bootcamps are a great place to start out because a lot of people are turned off by the douchebag aura of a gym so they just don’t go. You meet a different kind of fitness enthusiast when you go outdoors in in-climate weather and are running, doing push-ups, air squats, and many other calisthenic exercises that you’ve never done before. It encourages you to push yourself harder than you would staring at that treadmill draped in dirty laundry down in your basement. When you talk to the other participants, they are proud people, you can read the camaraderie written on their faces. They meet up for drinks, dinners, and other social events because…

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