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Fitbit Class

Did you get (or give) a Fitbit / Garmin / Polar for the holidays?

Learn to make the most of your new tech workout device with the experts at Platoon Fitness!
We are familiar with all brands of activity / heart monitoring software and we can show you how to use it.

For $25 in a one-on-one private training session, we will show you how to:fitbit_lady

  1. Phone Setup – Download and set up FitBit app on your phone
  2. FitBit Setup – Add your device to the FitBit app
  3. FitBit Account – Set up and add your info
  4. Syncing – Pair your FitBit with your phone
  5. Verification
  6. Usage – how best to use your FitBit
  7. Understanding – how to interpret the information your device collects and how to act upon it.

Class will include a workout to show your FitBit collect data and how to analyze your results.

Classes are available Monday thru Friday at either 6:00am or 9:30am (or contact us for more convenient times)

Please don’t let your new gift end unused up in a drawer
when we can show you how to use it
to achieve your fullest potential.

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