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If you love me let me go

Do you love sugar? Who doesn’t? How about cookies ice cream or cake?

If you really love these things then you need to let them go and the reason is because sugar is poison. It doesn’t mean you can never have them it just means that they have to be a very rare treat. One of the tricks is to start by just reducing your sugar intake and moving toward elimination. The farther you go down this road the better you’re going to feel, the more energy you’re going to have, but another important benefit is you’ll be putting out the fires of inflammation.

If your soda drinker start their cut down and then out. If you normally dump a ton of sugar in your coffee in the morning slowly reduce it until you’re using none at all. Look for ways that you can cut out sugar. Notice I said cut out not exchange. Stevia, honey, equal let’s just call them all to sugar.

If you email me I’ll send you our 60 day sugar challenge and it will show you nifty ways that you can reduce and illuminate sugar in your every day diet as well as a plan to completely eliminate sugar in 60 days.

And thanks for reading.