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I’m too _______(insert your excuse)

When I first met Stu he had a very unique excuse, he was too old. Not too old to be personal trained, too old to be a personal trainer. He was at the time an extremely fit and gregarious and dashing and very funny guy. His interview with one of the shortest but I’ve ever participated in because I knew as soon as I met him I wanted to worth with him. It’s not every day that you come in contact with someone who has lived such a fully life and still has so much to do and so much to give. Stu wanted to help people, that was this drive. The money was nice too but mainly he did it because he was a giver and he like to help people. Stu is an example of what we’d all hope to be when we grow up.

When we got one of our biggest corporate clients Stu was that guy – boots on the ground. He methodically and systematically worked through the entire corporate culture and population to make sure every single person knew the classes we were doing And was personally trained by him. He had charts and detailed summaries of everything that he did every day there. He never complained or missed a day.