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Platoon because we are Stronger Together

Often I am asked “why is it called Platoon “if what you primarily do it one on one or small group?”

The answer is teamwork. Before Stronger Together was used in politics it was the origin story of Platoon. Merriam’s dictionary defines Platoon as

a group of persons sharing a common characteristic or activity

Doesn’t that sound like us? We share the love of helping others. We share the love of Constant And Never-ending Improvement. We love working together to help people and one another.

Recently a person came in that was badly injured. Surgery and physical therapy helped but he needed to basically start over. We started by assessing him like we would anyone. We learned his history and reviewed his issues with doctors and caregivers then created a scientifically based strategy. Which is another way of saying basically we guessed and then tested and then tested and then improved until we found something that worked for his particular body….his DNA.

That what Platoon does.

Any any way you slice it, we could not do it without you.