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Structure, Discipline, Accountability & Sacrifice

Some people say luck plays a great part in success. I agree as long as you have a solid foundation of accountability, discipline, structure and sacrifice.

Accountability to yourself and others meaning you do what you say, when you say you’re going to do it, every single time to the best of your ability. I’m lucky and I have a lot of people that give me frequent feedback to make sure I’m holding myself and others accountable.

Discipline to me means cold morning desire. What this means to me is when you get out of the warm bed and your feet hit the cold floor you don’t let that stop you but power through to the promise land. One of the ways that I flex this muscle is by only taking showers as cold as they will go.

Structure to me means you have a way of doing things and have systems behind what you do. I believe when the going gets tough the tough rely on systems to get them through.

Sacrifice is the key to any venture. If there’s nothing to lose them there’s generally nothing to gain. Sacrificing time is more precious than sacrificing money. You can always make more money but you can never make more time.

These are the four pillars of Platoon that were born 21 years ago and we still live by today. What is your code?