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You Don’t Have to Study the Roots to Pick the Fruit

The other day I was climbing some rocks and pretty badly cut my hand. No worries, I kept going and soon forgot about it. A few days later someone said “Hey, what happened to your hand?” It has scabs and was well on its way to healing. Boring huh?

What if you had to figure out how to heal your own cuts? What if every time you got a bruise or break you had to figure out how to make it strong again, how to make it work again and heal? It be pretty damn hard wouldn’t it?

The good news is cuts heal on their own and there’s not a lot you have to do for them to heal most of the time. I have to do is give a little bit a time and keep it relatively clean and it everything happens on its own. It’s a miracle.

When was the last time you were grateful for cats that heal on their own?

I thought about that when my cut completely healed – was I truly thankful for my cut healing? How many things like that do we take for granted?

We don’t have to understand why a cut heals l, we just have to give it the right environment to help it heal. We’re very fortunate that we don’t have to figure out how to heal the cut. It just happens.

Today I am grateful for the absence of a cut and more grateful that I don’t have to heal that next cut.