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Once you experience our Seasoned, Certified, Experienced, and Professional Instruction and realize we are careful and thoughtful when it comes to injuries we think it will be nearly impossible for you not to join us.

What You Get

  • First Session Only $45 – Try Platoon for next to nothing!  After your assessment if you decide not to continue, we will refund all of it
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee – If you’re ever dissatisfied, at your first session or any in the future, we will return your payment and fix the problem.
  • No Contracts – That’s right, no strings attached. You can stop using us at anytime.
  • Bring a Guest for FREE to Every Session – Bring anyone of any fitness level free and we promise it won’t affect the quality of your session or our ability to reach your goals. Doesn’t have to be the same person every time.
  • Constant Assessment – At your first session and periodically afterwards, your fitness professional reviews  your endurance, flexibility, balance, agility, strength, mobility, stability, and a lot more. Then we test and optimize your strategic plan.
  • Nutrition – Starting with keeping a 48 hour food log, we will review and monitor it.
  • Your Goals and How to Get There – Based on your fitness assessment, we will create a  strategic, scientifically based program or plan to reach your goals.
  • Full or Half Hour Sessions in Your Home, Office or at Our Gym, virtually or in person – We are here for you. So YOU determine when, where and how long you train. Typically members train twice a week for an hour but you can mix hours and half hours as needed.

What We Cost

Personal Training
*Always Bring A Friend For Free*

Half Hour Session $80
Full Hour Session $110

Half Hour Session $85
Full Hour Session $115

Semi Private Training
(For Three or More Participants)

Half Hour Session $45 Per Person
Full Hour Session $55 Per Person

Platoon Bootcamp Training 
(6am M-F & 7am Saturday)

$145 Unlimited

Please note: Prices may vary for specialty or enhanced services.

For Introductory Pricing
Please Call / Text:
Phone: 215-752-PLATOON (215-752-8666) or

Email: [email protected]

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Personal Training

We believe in consistently exceeding your expectations through outstanding service. Start with a no obligation assessment and our professional, seasoned, certified and insured Instructors will create a scientifically-based strategy to reach your goals. We unconditionally money-back-guarantee your complete satisfaction and we do not use contracts.

corporate wellness

For 20 years we have have won awards for our clients. We design, build, staff, manage and provide events for companies just like yours. Schedule a no obligation information session and find out why companies including CubeSmart, VWR, Lincoln Finanical, Morgan Lewis and American Water choose Platoon. Would you like a no cost or obligation assessment of what we can do for you company?

Have a question? Call /Text 215-PLATOON (215-752-8666)

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Isn’t it time to drop the rationalizations and justifications? Just be honest with yourself about where you are and what it will take to get you where you want to be!


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However you choose to use Platoon Fitness it will not affect our ability to help you reach your measurable, meaningful and specific goals. If you want to know how to lose weight or the best way to lose weight with a personal trainer or workout classes near me in Bryn Mawr fitness, you are in the right place. 

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Two Personal Training or
Duet Sessions $100

Professional, Seasoned, Certified and insured Instructors
create a plan to help you lose weight and get in the best shape of your life.
Homework & nutrition Included Free with this offer

Our concierge team is waiting
Call/Text 215-PLATOON (215-752-8666)
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