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Corporate Wellness

PF_corpwellWorking Minds Require Healthy Bodies!

For peak human performance, the brain must be connected to a healthy body. We here at Platoon Fitness are experienced experts at bringing physical fitness to the business environment. We can do as much or as little as you require. Whether you’re a corporation needing an in house gym or a small business wanting a single group fitness class, we can get your team working at their best.

We can deliver any level or combination of human performance training. Some of the things we can do for you are:

  • In-House Gym – We can set up and then run it for you. We can provide training in your gym in your building so your team can get the most out of your facility
  • Personal Training – Come to us or we can come to your office.
  • Group Training – Get in shape and have team building exercises
  • Massage – Our massuse can spend a day a week at your firm spending 1/2 hour to an hour with each executive
  • Event Hosting – Have an active event and we can provide the activity. The event can be centered around our activity or we can be part of a larger event.
We build, design, maintain, staff, manage and provide seminars for several public companies like CubeSmart and small businesses with as few as 4 employees.
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