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Platoon’s Mission is to provide well prepared Candidates for service to the Air Force Academy, Naval Academy, or West Point.

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Platoon Guarantees You Will Meet or Exceed the Candidate Fitness Assessment (CFA)

For more than 20 years Platoon has worked with Candidates just like you.  Whether you are totally prepared or just starting, our Professional, Seasoned, Certified and Insured Instructors are the best in the business. If you currently cannot pass or want a true advantage to dominate the CFA, you will benefit from our physical and mental training.

The 6 CFA Events You will Ace with our Personalized Coaching

 We provide training that is proven, scientific, and functionally superior. Take an initial assessment today. Check your score with the CFA Score Calculator.

Basketball Throw

This is an unusual test that determines your ability to generate shoulder power and total coordination and balance. You will throw a basketball with one hand while in the kneeling position on the ground. You probably haven’t been tested on this one before, so practicing is important. You’ll have three attempts over a 2-minute time period, and all three will be recorded. The male maximum is 102 feet. The female maximum is 66 feet.

Pull-ups or Flexed Arm Hang for Women

For the pull-up portion, the back of your hands will face your body in a pronated grip. You must fully extend arms with a static hang during each repetition. The jaw line must be above the bar in the up position, and swinging or kicking isn’t allowed. Males are striving for a max of 18 pull-ups, while the female max is 7 reps. 

If females can’t do a pull-up, they are tested with the flexed arm hang instead. However if you can do even just one pull-up, it’s worth it as you’ll get more points for one pull-up even if you max the flexed arm hang.

Shuttle Run

The shuttle run tests agility and quickness. You’ll be sprinting 30 feet to a touch line, returning back to where you started and repeating this process one more time. Your time is recorded when you cross the start line. You’ll be running this twice with 1 minute of rest between trials. To achieve maximum points on this event, males must be under 7.8 seconds and females under 8.6 seconds.

Modified Sit-Ups (Crunches)

For the crunches portion of the CFA, you start with your back on the ground with knees bent for a standard crunch. Your arms must be crossed and to get credit for a crunch your elbows must touch the midpoint or higher of your thigh. Your fingers must be touching your shoulders the entire time. You also cannot rest on the ground, only in the up position. Males and females are both shooting for 95 reps to max this event.


While straightforward, it’s important to focus on form for these push-ups in order to get full credit. Each push-up must end with a 90-degree bend in the arm and upper arms at least parallel to the ground. You also must return to arms fully extended at the top. To get maximum points, males will need to achieve 75 reps and females 50 reps.

One-Mile Run

The one-mile run is the last event in the CFA, and fairly straight forward. You’ll get 5 minutes of rest time from the push-up portion before the run starts. Males are shooting for a time of 5:20 or under for max points, while the female time for max points is 6:00.

Other than the run, you’ll get 3 minutes rest time between each event so physical conditioning is important as the test moves quickly. Learn more below about how our team will help get you in the right physical condition to succeed on your CFA. 

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Call or text 215-PLATOON (215-752-8666) for a live representative.  Personal Training is also available by appointment

Platoon will perform an assessment session for $35.
If you decide not to continue we waive this $35 fee.

If accepted into our CFA program sessions are $90 an hour and $60 a half hour.

We cannot tell you how many session you need, how long it will take to prepare you or any other answers until you have completed your assessment session.

All services are completely and unconditionally money back guaranteed.

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