A Note About Platoon Walnut

This is Todd Scott wishing you a happy belated Fourth of July. I’m writing today to update you on an issue we had at our 716 Walnut Street location and some good news. After 25 years of doing this you’d think I would be faster at communication! I apologize as we had some legal and insurance issues to work through before I could make any statements. 
As you may know there was a fire at our next-door neighbor Starbucks that affected us. Anyone who has ever been through a disaster will tell you it has a physical as well as emotional toll. 
Thanks to our dedicated and understanding members we have finally worked though this disaster and will emerge with a much improved facility. 
By working with our insurance company and directly with Starbucks Headquarters as well as the Philadelphia fire department and the team at the St. James here is what is happening now. 
First we took care of the water damage by having a specialty remediation company remove the flooring and check out walls and air for mold. There is no mold and the air quality is perfect. 
Second we got the Instructors feedback and worked directly with any members who had questions. Immediately we repaired and repainted the entire space – do you like the new colors?
Third we purchased turf as well as plyometric (rubber) flooring that will be delivered this Wednesday and installed over the following days. 
But wait, that’s not all. We are removing and adding equipment and reconfiguring the space. There will no longer be a Jiu Jitsu class. There will be classes that compliment personal training. We have also upgraded the Instructor area with Wifi, entertainment screen and options. 
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