Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization

PART II: 2 day course
  1. Review of developmental kinesiology in the context of adult optimal posture, sports performance, global motor patterns and the relationship to enhancing outcomes in sport and human movement.
  2. Demonstrate exercises in higher developmental positions – tripod, bear, squat, lunge, step up and its modifications & training of body awareness.
  3. Demonstrate exercises utilizing the principles of developmental kinesiology with elastic bands,barbells, weights, and gymball
  4. Discuss & demonstrate DNS exercises for specific sport techniques: throwing, jumping, stroke, skating etc.
  5. Students who want to work towards DNS Trainer certification must pass an online test after DNS Exercise course part II, and before taking DNS Exercise course part III.The online test consists of 30 multiple choice questions, 10 picture and 5 video questions. To pass the test the student must answer 32 out of the 45 questions correctly. The student gets a maximum of three attempts to pass the test. Students are recommended to retake DNS Exercise II course and then to take the online test again in case of failing to pass the test on the three attempts As soon as submitting the test the student receives results by email. Passing the online test is a prerequisite before taking the Practical test at the DNS Exercise Course part III, and being certified as a DNS Exercise Trainer.
May 2-3 2020

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