Platoon LOVES Pickleball!

Running after a ball playing a game is SO much more fun than running down a sidewalk for exercise. We totally get it.

BUT, it’s easy to get hurt. We have been training racket sports for 25 years and have a reputation for our work with world class squash player specifically. Lately, we have more and more experience with Pickleballers.

Platoon Fitness has a two pronged approach to Pickleball fitness.

1. Don’t get hurt in the first place: We’ll build up your stamina and strength. Not only your core, but your joints and muscles. Get your wrist, elbow, shoulder, feet, knees and back at their optimal levels. You’ll be able to go to the courts to play until you’re tired instead of until you just hurt too much.

2. Rehabilitation: If you’re not ready for it, Pickleball can leave you hurting. Plantar fasciitis, Tennis elbow, Tennis shoulder, knee/hip pain, and of course your back and more. Our massage therapists and trainers can bring you back to pain free movement again. First, we’ll talk to you and evaluate where you are now and where you want to go. We’re not doctors but we can consult with you and let you know if you need more medical advice than we can provide. If you’re not in severe pain, we can help get you feeling better and back on the court.

Stay out of a pickle and play pickleball with Platoon Fitness.

Get started now with a full assessment for only $35.  
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